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As an employer making decisions about who to hire or promote can be a costly one. The image customers have about a business is greatly influenced by the employees the customers engage with on a regular basis. Backgrounds investigations are a tool employers can use to screen individuals during the pre-employment and promotion process to ensure company success. Successful companies maintain a workforce that is qualified, ethical, and safe.

Qualified - Successful companies need a workforce that can deliver the goods or services sold by the company. A background check is a tool used by companies to verify:

  • Education 

  • Past Employment

  • Professional Licenses  

Ethical - Successful companies need a workforce that is ethical. A background investigation is a tool used by companies to verify ethical behavior:

  • Verification of Social Security Number 

  • Verification of previous addresses

  • Criminal Records

  • Driving Records

  • Bankruptcy

  • Workers Compensation 

  • Military Records

  • Reference Check (listed and unlisted)

Safe - Successful companies maintain a work environment where employees and customers trust the company is doing everything they can to keep them safe. Although a background can not ensure the safety of employees and customers, a background investigation can be used as a tool to flag safety concerns:

  • Criminal Records

  • Sex Offender Registry

  • Driving Records

  • Workers compensation 

  • Social Media Activity


Is the employee  is the candidate or promotional employee telling me the truth. Do they truly have the qualifications they have or candidates for ficticiEmployers information. help employers make hiring and promotion decisions by verifying what  When employers are attempting to Background checks for current employees can be valuable peice mployment screening for business owners without a legal department can be complex. Asking the wrong question or inadvertently receiving information that may place the individual in a protected class could put the employers in a tough spot.    


• Verification of Social Security number (SSN) and past addresses

• Criminal and civil records

• Driving records

• Credit history

• Verification of education and past employment

• Verification of professional licenses

• Reference checks

• Bankruptcy and workers' compensation records

• Military service records

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