Child Custody Investigation

Because every child deserves a voice

Child custody investigations are conducted as a way of helping the judicial system determine the best custody arrangement for the child.   


Many child custody investigations begin as a result of parental divorce or separation. In many instances, the patents, grandparents, relatives, or family friends have information they believe the courts should consider when determining the custody of the child.

Problem - Information provided to the courts by relatives or friends of the family may appear biased based on their relationship. 


L&S Investigators have the ability to work with your attorney to act as independent and unbiased witnesses to the facts discovered during a child custody investigation. 

Custody Exchange

Child custody exchanges should be civil and a time when differences should be set aside for the benefit of the children. Although civility between parents would be great it is not always the case and evidence is required to convince the courts otherwise.  

Problem - Verbal statements presented to the courts by either parent may lack the unbiased evidence necessary to convince the courts a change is necessary.  


L&S Investigators have the ability to work with you to document unbiased evidence you can present to an attorney or the courts.

Note: Private Investigators should be considered fact finders, hired to document the truth. If your situation involves violence or illegal activity that may need immediate action you should contact your local law enforcement agency.

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