Criminal Defense Investigations

Investigation Selection

Because mere truth is not enough


Every criminal defense team needs a credible witness to present credible facts. 

L&S Investigators are industry professionals with over 50 years of experience conducting investigations that reveal credible facts that your criminal defense team can use as a defense in the criminal justice system.


Evidence is the foundation by which any professional criminal defense team builds their case. The L&S team has spent over 50 years in the courts refining their skills as evidence collection professionals. 

Evidence considerations:​

  • Was the evidence legally obtained?

  • Is the evidence valid?

  • Is the evidence preserved and documented correctly?

  • Is the evidence admissible in the judicial system?

  • Is there undiscovered evidence?

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Witness Interviews


Eye witness testimony can be extremely beneficial to a successful criminal defense. The L&S investigation team has over 50 years of experience conducting witness interviews. Our team has the skills needed to get to the truth.   

Witness interview concerns:

  • Do you have a plan for witnesses that become uncooperative or change their testimony during court? (Attorney's can't testify as witnesses for clients)

  • Does your defense plan include a credible professional to testify about investigation details?  

Indigent Criminal Defense

The L&S Investigations Team has and will provide investigative services upon approval of the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) for those individuals determined to be indigent and unable to pay.

  • L&S is unable to provide investigative services until we received prior approval from AOC.

  • Your attorney must request the services of L&S Investigation to begin the process.