Domestic (Family) Investigations



Discovering your spouse is cheating can be emotionally overwhelming, but suspecting and not knowing can mean weeks, months or even longer of emotional distress.

The L&S team has the skills required to find and document the truth you deserve. 




Divorce hearings can be extremely contentious as both parties fight to demonstrate and expose the reasons for divorce as well as evidence supporting their claim to assets or child custody. 

L&S Investigators have the ability to provide unbiased evidence and facts that you and your legal team can use during the divorce process.  

Family Seperated
Sign Court Order

Child Custody

Are court orders not being followed? One of the biggest ways the L&S team can help parents deal with issues relating to child custody orders is to document the realities of how parents are interacting with each other and their children outside the courtroom. 


Custody Exchanges- Are there things occurring during custody exchanges that the courts need to be aware of?