Your L&S Investigative Team

Licensed Investigator Travis Landon

Travis is a retired law enforcement professional with over 22 years of experience conducting, supervising, and providing courtroom testimony on a wide variety of investigations


  • Associates degree in criminal justice from Purdue Global University. 

  • Over 1850 hours of documented professional training as a law enforcement professional.  


  • Criminal Investigations

  • Domestic Investigations

  • Surveillance Investigations

  • Undercover Investigations

  • Computer Forensics

  • Death Investigations

  • Process Service

  • Witness Interviews

  • Report Writing/Court Documentation

Licensed Investigator Robert Songer Jr

Robert is a retired law enforcement professional with over 23 years of experience conducting, supervising, and providing courtroom testimony on a wide variety of investigations. 

  • Robert has been working as a professional private investigator for the last 8 years with licenses in the States of Washington and Oregon.

  • Served as a board member with the Washington Association of Legal Investigators.


  • Criminal Investigations

  • Criminal Defense Investigations

  • Civil Investigations / Insurance Fraud

  • Domestic Investigations

  • Child Custody Investigations

  • Surveillance Investigations

  • Skip Trace / Missing Person Investigations

  • Process Service

  • Background Investigations

  • Witness Interviews

  • Report Writing / Court Documentation

The L&S Investigations team takes pride in providing an ethical and professional service by applying a “Boots on the Ground” approach. L&S Investigations will ensure investigations are handled in a timely and professional manner. You will be kept informed as your case progresses and you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, discretion, and professionalism. At the conclusion, we will deliver a concise and well-written report in a timely manner. Most of all we will follow up to be sure that you are satisfied with the service provided.

About L&S Investigations

L&S Investigations is a full-service investigations firm serving the Knox, Sevier, Blount, Anderson, Union, Grainger, Jefferson, Cocke, Hamblen, and Loudon Counties  

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Contact Information

 Travis Landon     

        Phone: 1(865) 217-6184



Robert Songer

        Phone: 1(865) 217-6208



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